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Missing Tabla Picture

Drum Set Tabla
[.wav] [notes]

VY Canis Major
[.wav] [notes]


Hella Meta Movie

Hella Meta

8.2014 - Live Tabla performance played in front of a pre-recorded Tabla/Drum Set performance then all edited together into this video, hence it's name, Hella Meta.

In The Grass Movie

In The Grass

5.2012 - Providing the amazing animator Momo Wang with experimental compositions and sound design for her experimental animation short titled In The Grass.


missing not picture

Darmuru for Drum Set and Tabla [pdf]

This is music notation for the song "Drum Set Tabla." It does not include all the variations played in the recorded performance.

Notation Key [pdf]

Specific explanation of Drum Set notation.


Lecture Demonstrations / Classes

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